We provide delicious breakfast

Our Lunch

Our lunch is supper awesome and if you are looking for where you can get your lunch don't hesitate to come in Centre Saint Vincent Palloti.

Our Dinner

You may be looking for where you can spend you evening and get good services with free WiFi access, we are the right place to help you make your evening enjoyable.
The restaurant, serving delicious traditional, regional food, is in two parts. The first, with 2- and 4-person tables, seats 30, while the other, with a more family-type atmosphere and 4- and 6-person tables, has room for 60 people. Individuals can order meals from the menu, while groups are recommended to use the self-service buffet. The restaurant also organizes family gatherings and parties for various groups: children, youth and adults. Discounts are available for organised groups of pilgrims and tourists. Prices vary depending on the menu, from RWF 4000 to 12000, for lunch/supper.